Relationships and marriages are very vital and crucial to our existence as a people, though it has been largely abused through very sad-relationships and divorce.
However, that is still not a strong reason to undermine the cataclysmic value that good relationship and marriage brings to our lives. Unfortunately, almost all the problems in relationships and marriages occur at the entry point; ‘Toasting’ or ‘First Date’.
The truth and lies, the half-truths and veiled intentions always occur at this very point. Every other thing is an unveiling of the initial conditions and values.

Through an unconventional and unscientific research laced with gossips, it has been recorded that you have to cross through four circles before you will arrive at the core intent of a man, while you need to cross through seven circles before you arrive at the core of a woman’s heart. And these journeys are based on communication. It is an open channel that must be fuelled and maintained even in marriage until death do you part.
Sadly, the initial communication between the man and woman is always frosted with complexities: carefulness, fear, uncertainty, carefree and to some extent deliberate falsehood and in rare situation, bare honesty.
To overcome this initial awkwardness, as not all first date must be a dinner, set at night and in private,
Here are 7 tips on how to win the heart of a woman with Kommon Sense Card Game.
1)     Choose a nice, noiseless and calm spot; it can be an eatery, garden, family home or your house. Do not forget to have a drink by the side. (please non-alcoholic)  
2)     Read the rules together, give her the cards to shuffle and let her choose the timing for connections.
3)     (Crucial point) Listen very attentively to how she connects the cards and from there harvest her values, believes and convictions, and then as the game progresses match each of these values and convictions with yours.
4)     Make sure the pokes, jokes and dialogues, conversation and learning process is competitive and fun filled.
5)     Make a mental note of all her values and convictions even when you may not have the opportunity to respond to them on the spot. Be patient but plan to reach out to this important part of her. Kommon Sense has been designed to reach into the unconscious part of players; therefore, it is common to hear people blurt out their deepest desires when playing the game.
6)     Watch her body language and voice tones so that you can identity her level of priority for each value or convictions. From then learn to respect issues that surround those kinds of topics or subject matters.
7)      As frequently as possible replay the Kommon Sense card game with her to re-evaluate if her values and convictions has changed and then compliment appropriately.
As you make effort to create a path way for communication with your partner and you are able to water, sustain and translate the information gathered into an informal inter-personal knowledge, I guarantee you within the limits of human ingenuity that your relationship and marriage will have very little crises as a result of a well founded and honest communication model.
This can also be applied in the opposite.
I will like to hear from you, please drop a comment or question. Thank you


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